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Whats New in SDK 1.8

New features in the latest version of Placenote
The latest version of Placenote, SDK 1.8 that ships with major design improvements to mapping and localization features as well as a completely redesigned set of sample projects.
We've organized the updates into 3 categories

Major Overall Improvements

1. All new sample code

In SDK 1.8, we've open sourced a whole new set of sample projects that you can use as fully functional starting points for your app. Start with samples like Hello World, Sticky Notes, 3D Graffiti or a City Builder and extend them however you want! (And there's more samples coming soon!)
New set of Unity sample apps: Sticky Notes, AR Graffiti, AR Minecraft

2. Mapping Quality Feedback

When a user scans an area, it's important to ensure they create a good map, that can be relocalized later. SDK 1.8 takes the guesswork out of creating good maps. We've added a live map quality feedback and a quality threshold that you can use to help users create better maps!
Mapping quality progress bar

3. Localization Thumbnail

When trying to localize a map, it helps to show the user where to point their camera. In this release, we've added a built in localization thumbnail feature, that captures a snapshot of the best scanned area of your map and saves it with your map. You can choose to display this to help your users localize the scene later.

4. New OnLocalized() callback function

We've added a new dedicated callback function that you can use to react to a localization event. Use this function to load your content when the map is localized. The old way to do this was the OnStatusChange callback but since it fired multiple times in a single session, it wasn't suitable to loading content.
Unity: public void OnLocalized() { }
Swift: func onLocalized() { }

Unity SDK specific updates

Customizable point cloud visualization

Our Unity developers asked us to let them customize how the point cloud looks during mapping. In SDK 1.8, we've added a new particle filter visualization for the point cloud with an easy way to customize the colors as well as texture of the visualized points.
EnablePointcloud(Color weak, Color strong)
SetPointCloudTexture(Texture2D ptTexture)
Feature point color gradient and texture can be customized

Swift SDK specific updates

Fixed CocoaPod installation issues

With SDK 1.8 we have resolved all the installation issues developers were facing with the Placenote CocoaPod. We have also updated the installation documentation to ensure you have a smooth build experience.

Function name changes

We have updated some of the function names in the Swift SDK to reconcile differences with the Unity SDK. Once you update your SDK, you'll be prompted to update your functions in Xcode. You can also refer to the detailed SDK reference. If you have a question, feel free to ask us on our support community forum: Placenote Answers