SDK Package Contents

This is a list of the folders in the Placenote SDK package. Use this document as a guide to navigate the package contents.

Folders in Root

  • Placenote/ - main Placenote library files

  • StreamingAssets/ - required computer vision binary file

  • Wanzyee Studio/ - JSON serialization library

We only need to navigate the Placenote/ folder when building apps, although you will need all three folders above in any project you build.

The Placenote/ Folder

The Placenote folder contains the following sub-folders. The ones highlighted in bold, are the ones we will be actively using during our development.

  • Editor

  • EditorCoroutines

  • Examples (Contains example code)

  • LibPlacenote (Contains core Placenote libraries)

  • Materials

  • Plugins (Contains core Placenote binary files)

  • Prefabs (Contains Placenote prefabs)

  • Shaders

  • Toolkits