SDK Package Contents
This is a list of the folders in the Placenote SDK package. Use this document as a guide to navigate the package contents.

Folders in Root

    Placenote/ - main Placenote library files
    StreamingAssets/ - required computer vision binary file
    Wanzyee Studio/ - JSON serialization library
We only need to navigate the Placenote/ folder when building apps, although you will need all three folders above in any project you build.

The Placenote/ Folder

The Placenote folder contains the following sub-folders. The ones highlighted in bold, are the ones we will be actively using during our development.
    Examples (Contains example code)
    LibPlacenote (Contains core Placenote libraries)
    Plugins (Contains core Placenote binary files)
    Prefabs (Contains Placenote prefabs)
Last modified 2yr ago