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Download the Unity SDK

Download the Unity SDK and try out the sample apps
There are 2 ways to download the Unity SDK:
Download Method
Recommended Usage
Trying samples or starting a brand new app
Adding Placenote to an existing app

Method 1 - From the Github Repository

We recommend you use "git clone" to get the repository from Github, but please follow the instructions below to correctly download the repository because we use git LFS for some large files.

Important Note!

When downloading source, DO NOT download the source as a zip file. This will NOT get you the core library files (stored in git LFS).
If you don't want to clone the git repo and would rather download the files, go to Method 2: Download Unity Package.
If you're cloning Unity SDK from Github. It's very important to ensure that you have the Git LFS (Large file system) installed on your computer. Please follow the 4 Steps below:

Step 1: Ensure you have git LFS on your computer

To install using HomeBrew on Mac, open a terminal window and type:
brew install git-lfs

Step 2: Now clone the github repository like this:

git clone [email protected]:Placenote/PlacenoteSDK-Unity.git

Step 3: Ensure you have the right files

The SDK will be downloaded into a folder called PlacenoteSDK-Unity. Let's do a quick test to ensure you have downloaded the Placenote library using git lfs correctly. Open the PlacenoteSDK-Unity folder.
Now navigate to: Assets/Placenote/Plugins/iOS/Placenote.framework/ Right click on the .framework and click "Get Info". The size of this framework folder should be greater than 5MB.

Step 4: Open the project in Unity

The current SDK was created with Unity 2019.2.1f1, so we recommend you use Unity 2019.2.x for Placenote. If you see a non-matching editor error when opening the project, try to continue and see if the import works without issues.
In most cases, the project will import but you might see another error with importing packages. If you see errors, consult our troubleshooting guide.
Unity project opened.

Method 2 - Download the Unity Package File

If you're looking to import Placenote into an existing Unity project, you can download our .unitypackage file and add it to your project. The steps below will show you how to add Placenote SDK into any Unity project.

Step 1: Download the Unity package

Step 2: Open a new Unity project

Create a new Unity project or use your existing project and in the Menu, go to Assets > Import Package > Custom Package and select the .unitypackage you just downloaded to import.
Select the option to import a custom package
When you choose the .unitypackage file, A window will pop up showing you the contents of the package. Click Import to add the entire package‌ to your project.
Import the entire package

Step 3: Add the Neccessary Packages

Once you have imported the .unitypackage, you might see some missing package errors complaining about ARFoundation. Placenote SDK requires the ARKit and ARFoundation packages to be added to your Unity project. You can install these packages in two ways.

1. Modify the manifest.json file

In your project, go to your Packages/ folder and find the manifest.json file. Append the following 3 lines to the file and save it. Unity will automatically update the packages in your Project and resolve these errors
  • Open the manifest.json file
  • Copy these lines
"com.unity.xr.arfoundation": "2.1.3",
"com.unity.xr.arkit": "2.1.1",
"com.unity.xr.legacyinputhelpers": "2.0.2",
  • Place them anywhere in the file and save

2. Using the Package Manager Window

  1. 1.
    At the top of the window click on Window > Package Manager and make sure that the AR Foundation package is installed and the version number is 2.1 or later
  2. 2.
    On the same list, make sure that ARKit XR Plugin is installed and the version number is 2.1 or later.

Step 4: Allow Unsafe Code

Another error you might see after importing the .unitypackage is this:
Unsafe code may only appear if compiling with /unsafe. Enable "Allow 'unsafe' code" in Player Settings to fix this error.
To fix this, go to Player settings and enable "unsafe code" as shown in the screenshot below. This is required for any Unity ARFoundation app.