Unity SDK: Getting Started

Start here for Placenote's Unity SDK documentation
Unity is an excellent cross-platform 3D game and application development platform, popular not just with game developers, but a growing base of VR and AR app developers. Placenote is designed to easily integrate with ARFoundation and ARKit libraries on Unity.
All development must be done on a Mac, running MacOS 10.14 or later
Development Tool
10.2 (with Mac OS 10.14 and later)
2019.2.1 and later (2019.2.8 has known issues)

Unity SDK Preview

Placenote's Unity SDK includes 4 sample projects that don't just show you how Placenote works, but also serve as fully functional starting points for your AR app ideas. You will find the following sample scenes in the Unity SDK - Hello World, Paint Brush, Sticky Notes and Build A City.
Screenshots from our Unity Sample apps

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