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Using the Web Portal

You can use the placenote web portal to view your maps and their associated meta data.
Placenote gives you complete control over the maps you create through the online developer portal. You can use the developer portal to view and delete your maps whenever you want and it also serves as an easy way to debug your app when you start saving meta data and asset data with your maps.
Let's take a look at your maps. Visit the developer portal and sign in.
Now click on the "Places" tab.
If you have trouble loading the "Places" tab, just refresh the page and try again.
If you saved some maps, you will find a list of maps under the places tab that looks like this.
List of maps you have created so far. You can delete maps from here.
Here, you can view the mapID of each map you have created, along with its time of creation, custom name and storage size. You can also select and delete your maps whenever you need to.
Deleting a map is an irreversible action.
If you saved some metadata with the map, you can view the content associated with a map, by clicking the "i" icon beside a map. You'll see a popup that contains the content as JSON in the Userdata field. The screenshot below shows an example.
Viewing metadata within the map