Sticky Notes
Annotate your surroundings with notes! Walk around a room placing notes with the ability to save and modify the notes in the environment.


    Open the app
    Tap New Map
    Tap on your screen to place notes around your area
    Pay attention to the Save Button, it will only turn blue if the map is good enough to save, Scan your environment until the button turns blue.
    Save Map


    Tap My Maps
    Select the Map that you would like to load
    Tap Load Map
    You'll see a thumbnail picture of part of your map, point the camera at that area
    Your notes will load! You can also update any of the notes & place others if you like


    Mapping (more info here)
    Saving (more info here)
    Relocalization (more info here)
    Minimum map quality threshold (more info here)
    ARkit Hittesting (more info here)
    Meta Data Usage (more info here)
Plus some new concepts:
    Thumbnail Texture is an automatically collected screenshot of the environment that is triggered when the map quality is very good, i.e., when there are lots of feature collected in a small area. The thumbnail is presented to the user when they want to load and relocalize their scene, and it is intended to help with relocalization. Example: You just put notes all over a large room and clicked save. When you go to load the scene and see your notes pop up, a thumbnail picture of a table in that room is showed to you. You point the device at the table and everything relocalizes instantly!
    Map List presents a list of all your maps when you click the "My Maps" button. The list is associated to your API key and presents all the maps under that API key.
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