Troubleshooting Errors

If you experience errors when building a sample app, look through these tips.
Use this checklist whenever you are building a Placenote app. You can also use this as a checklist when troubleshooting any build issues you might face. If you're still having trouble building your app, message us on the support forum.
The most common error is when you try to build Placenote in Xcode without choosing an iOS device to build on. You cannot run Placenote apps in the Xcode simulator, you MUST build to a device.

Potential Errors and how to fix them:

Click on any of the errors for instructions on resolving the issue.

1. No such module 'Placenote SDK'

This error shows up when you first open a Placenote project after installing the CocoaPod. This error resolves itself when you build the project. This is because the PlacenoteSDK module on which the import PlacenoteSDK statement depends on is generated when you build the project.

2. Unknown symbols "PNSetFrame"

If you're seeing this issue, go into your Pods project and find the Placenote.framework file as shown below. Select it and then in the inspect panel on the right, ensure that the Target Membership is set to "PlacenoteSDK". Clean and rebuild your project.

3. "Placenote.framework/Placenote' does not contain bitcode"

  • Under your project’s 'Build Settings’ set ‘Enable Bitcode’ to ‘NO’.
  • Plug in your iOS device, select it as your target device.
  • Try building again.

4. Built for unknown-unsupported file format

Check that you have the Placenote binary in your project. In your project folder, navigate to Pods/PlacenoteSDK and check the size of the Placenote.framework package (right click on the package and click "Get Info"). It should exist and should be > 8MB. If it's smaller, you don't have the right library. Try the following fixes:
  • If you've downloaded the project from Github: Make sure you download the app bundle from the link on here. Do not download a zip file from github because it does not contain the core binaries.
  • If you're using the Placenote Cocoapod: Make sure you have git lfs installed on your system before installing the cocoapod.

5. App crashes on opening

Check that Privacy - Camera Usage Description and *Privacy - Location Usage Description" fields exist in the Info.plist under the Info tab. If these fields are blank, add some text like "For AR" in the descriptions.

Still having issues? Ask a question on our slack channel to get help.