SDK Package Contents

SDK Package contains the sample apps and the SDK as a CocoaPod.

Understand the SDK File structure

You'll see that the SDK workspace contains 4 projects. The first three are sample projects and the last one is the Pods project that contains the core Placenote SDK files.
Sample Projects:
  • HelloWorld This is a basic example of how to map an area, save it and relocalize it at a later time. We recommend you start with this sample.
  • DecorateYourRoom Decorate your room with furniture, plants and other household items. This could be a great starting point for a furniture or interior design app. Shows you how to persistently save AR content in a location and also how to save asset locations and content in the Placenote cloud.
  • RandomShapes Save random shapes around you. Shows you how to search for saved maps and use a thumbnail image to guide users on where to relocalize.
Within the Pods project, the core Placenote files are located here: