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Swift SDK: Getting Started

Start here for Placenote's Swift SDK documentation
Placenote supports Native iOS app development in Xcode using Swift and SceneKit.
We recommend using Xcode 10.2 or later with Placenote

Installing the Swift SDK

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    Start by downloading our Github sample project and try out the 3 sample apps - Hello World, Decorate Your Room and Random Shapes. You can use our sample apps as starting points for your app.
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    If you have an existing Xcode project and want to integrate Placenote into it, follow our CocoaPod installation docs.
How does Placenote integrate with ARKit? Placenote's mapping engine integrates with ARKit but does not use ARKit World Maps. Rather Placenote includes a custom mapping engine that uses lighting-fast cloud anchors to let you save AR content in physical spaces.
Placenote, also lets you store serializable content in the cloud, which means you can deploy your app without managing a backend at all.